Merry Little Rebrand

Merry Little Rebrand is a series of snarky and satirical websites created to have a little fun with advertising during the holiday season. At LGA, we decided to give three popular (or unpopular) holiday goods a brand overhaul and poke fun at current consumer product trends.
The problem with the holiday fruitcake brand? Bad optics and toxic word of mouth (also sometimes, toxic fruitcake). The solution? Targeting the one audience so willing to embrace awful stuff that it’s singlehandedly sustaining the market for suspenders and single-speed bicycles: hipsters.
This holiday season, the average single will be able to go online and make a date in under 1.6 seconds. Yet it can take days to happen upon the perfect sprig of mistletoe. That’s why we created the delivery mobile app, MISSLTŌ. Now you can say fa la later to coincidence by delivering that magical holiday moment exactly when you need it and directly to you.
Most people don’t make time for the gym during the holidays, but a real bro knows he can’t swap Santa for squats. That commitment to the weight room used to cost him his chance at getting festive, until he got hit with a free trial campaign from the season’s most extreme muscle-building beverage: Nog.