AIGA held a Beer and Branding competition which paired a designer with a brewer. We were tasked with brewing a beer, naming the beer, and creating a brand/packaging for the beer. The beer needed to include ginger as an ingredient, and my brewer decided to brew a Trappist Ale.
Rather than only creating packaging for the ginger beer, I created 2 additional beer names and packages to illustrate how the design and naming convention could be extended across a brand.
The names were influenced by the Belgian background of the Trappist Ale – where they refer to beer as "biére." Funny enough, the latin root for "ginger" is "gingiber," thus the compound word "GingiBiére" was formed. For the additional branded brews, I looked to the roots of "October" and "strawberry" to incorporate the very popular Oktoberfest and Strawberry Blonde style beers.
The history of the trappist style beer inspired me to look to the beautiful architecture of historical churches for design inspiration. There's an ornate geometry to them that I sought to modernize and use across the brand.